2 in 1: 256Ch Management Server / Dedicated Client

Up to 256Ch 256Ch License Included Mini Desktop Case 4 PC Client + 32 Mobile App Connections 1 x 1000Mbps Network Embedded Client Mode

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    • Management Capabilities:

      Max Channels: Up to 256

      Max Devices: Up to 64

      Licenses Included: 256Ch

    • Client Capabilities:

      Embedded Client: Yes

      Web-Client Support: Basic (Minimal Configuration Capabilities)

      Max Client Connection: Up to 4 PC Client + 32 Mobile Client

    • Client Mode:

      Can change mode from Management Server to Client and serve as dedicated client for other Enterprise Management Servers

    • Video Output:

      1xHDMI (4K)


    • Bandwidth:

      Incoming: 400Mbps total (Live + Transfer)

    • Decoding Support:

      H.265, H.264

    • Storage:


    • Recording:


    • Live View & Playback:

      Up to 32Ch Simultaneously (locally)

    • Audio: Two-way audio

      Input: 1 Channel (PL) + Depends on devices inputs

      Output: 1 Channel (PL) + Depends on devices outputs

    • Alarm:

      Input: Device inputs only

      Output: Device outputs only

    • USB Port: Total 6

      4 x USB3.0, 2 x USB2.0

    • Network: 1 x RJ-45

      1 x 1000Mbps

    • Platform HW Compatibility

      Client: Supported (PC Based or OC-MSCL-S(DT)

      Storage Server: Supported

      Media Transfer Server: Supported (Up to 4)

      Decoder: Supported (Up to 64 HDMI Outputs)

      Joystick/Keyboard: Supported