Adobe Character Animator

◈ Adobe Character Animator: 2D animation software

◈ Create animations with motion graphics, lip sync

Real-time animation using user movements

◈ Import characters from Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop

◈ Live performance capabilities

◈ Part of Adobe Creative Cloud

◈ TresBizz offers the best price and quick delivery.



Bring your characters to life in real-time with Adobe Character Animator, a revolutionary animation software that lets you create expressive characters using your webcam and microphone. 

Perfect for animators, educators, and video creators, Character Animator simplifies the animation process, allowing you to focus on storytelling and performance.

What You Can Do with Character Animator

Live Puppet Animation

Control your 2D puppet characters in real-time using facial expressions and body movements captured via webcam.

Effortless Lip Sync

Character Animator automatically generates lip sync animation based on your recorded voice, creating realistic dialogue sequences.

Simple Character Creation

Import your existing illustrations from Photoshop or Illustrator, or use built-in templates and the powerful Characterizer tool to design custom characters.

Advanced Rigging Features

Fine-tune your character’s movements and create complex animations with intuitive rigging options.

Interactive Storytelling

Trigger character actions and expressions with keyboard shortcuts or pre-recorded audio, adding dynamic interaction to your animations.

Seamless Integration

Export your animations directly into Adobe Premiere Pro for further editing and compositing within your video workflow.

Benefits of Using Character Animator

Fast and Efficient

Animate in real-time, eliminating the need for frame-by-frame animation techniques.

Intuitive for Beginners

No prior animation experience is required, making it ideal for educators, marketers, and non-professional animators.

Expressive Animations

Create highly engaging animations with natural-looking character movements and synchronized lip-syncing.

Perfect for Explainer Videos and E-Learning

Easily create engaging explainer videos, tutorials, and e-learning content that grabs attention and conveys information effectively.


Do I need to be a skilled artist to use a Character Animator? 

No, you can import pre-made characters or use the Characterizer tool to create simple puppets even without advanced artistic skills.

What kind of characters can I create? 

Animate any 2D illustration, from cartoon characters to realistic portraits.

Can I use Character Animator with other Adobe software? 

Yes, Character Animator integrates seamlessly with other Creative Cloud apps like Premiere Pro for a smooth animation workflow.

What are the System requirements? 

Please refer to the Adobe website for the latest system requirements for your operating system.

Ready to add a touch of magic to your animations? Download a free trial of Adobe Character Animator and experience the joy of creating expressive and captivating characters in real-time.

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