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Lightroom Classic for teams 1 Year

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Lightroom Classic is a renamed version of the Lightroom that was used before, but Lightroom Classis has been optimized for desktop focused use.

Adobe Lightroom is focused on organizing and processing photos, it also helps you import, find and manage your photos. Lightroom is essentially photo editing and photo management combined into a single tool. It’s also a non-destructive photo editor, it means that you can makes changes to a photo without permanently editing the original file, if you work with raw files, you will benefit from the flexibility that raw images give, while you are editing without the problem of loosing the original file.

The follow are some of the main advantages of using Adobe Lightroom Classic compared to some of the similar software’s out there,

  • Built in file management/cataloging system.
  • Organization with collections and galleries.
  • Fast and easy photo books, slide shows, and web galleries.
  • Non-destructive editing that preserves file data.
  • Easy and fast syncing of editing steps.
  • Snapshots and Virtual Copies are perfect for exploring editing options.
  • Adjustment brush, gradient, and radial adjustments which allow you to adjust multiple effects on one mask.
  • Fairly decent cloning and healing abilities for minor image manipulation.