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Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021

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About Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021

Office Home and Student 2021 is for students and families who desire vintage Office apps involving Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Windows 11 and Windows 10. A one-time gain installed on 1 PC or Mac for utilize at home or school.

Key features in Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021:

  1. Improved Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021 add word for document production.
  • Update draw table
  • Performance improvement
  1. Excel

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021 comprise Excel for spread sheets.

  • XLOOKUP function– assists discover things in a table or range by row in an excel worksheet.
  • Dynamic formation support– redesigned functions in excel that is dynamic formations.
  • LET functions-that allows you allocate names to calculation results.
  • XMATCH function– this investigation for defined item in a formation or range of cells return the items dependent position.
  • Renovated draw table
  1. PowerPoint

For presentation Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021 incorporate PowerPoint.

  • Record slide show– includes presenter video recording, ink recording and laser pointer recording.
  • Reduplication of your in strokes- if you wants to use ink in power point, you may replay interpretations as they were drawn.
  • Arrangement of the elements on your slides for screen readers- If you want to rearrange the elements to develop them for screen readers.
  1. Outlook: Translator and ink– You can add notes, text or diagram, giving explanation or comment on emails, you can translate emails into more than 70 languages.
  2. Instant search – search outcome are now immediate, with more address to distill and filter results.

System Requirements for Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021

 Processor: Windows 11 along with 1.0GHz and 2 core processor

Memory: 4 GB (64BIT), 2GB (32BIT) FOR PC, 4 GB RAM FOR MAC

Hard disk duration: 4 GB for PC and 10 GB for Mac

Why should you buy Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021 from xyz.com:

  1. The capacity to control emails, calendars and tasks will assist them stay arranged and productive.
  2. Microsoft office Home and Student 2021 is very essential for students and families who desires classic office apps.
  3. A one –time acquire installed on 1 PC and Mac for use at home or school