VMware vCloud Suite Standard

◈ Cloud Infrastructure & Management

◈ vSphere, vRealize Suite, NSX

◈ Virtualized IT Infrastructure, High Availability

◈ Task Automation, Performance Monitoring

◈ Software-Defined Networking

◈ Cost Reduction, Scalability, Security

◈ Virtual Network Management

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VMware vCloud Suite Standard empowers organizations to build, manage, and deliver a secure and scalable private cloud infrastructure. 

This comprehensive solution combines the industry-leading VMware vSphere virtualization platform with essential cloud management capabilities from VMware vRealize Suite. 

vCloud Suite Standard simplifies cloud deployment, streamlines operations, and empowers IT teams to deliver IT services with greater agility and efficiency.

Modern Cloud Infrastructure

vSphere Foundation

Leverage the power of vSphere for efficient resource management, high availability, and robust security for your virtualized workloads.

Intelligent Operations Management

Gain proactive insights and automated optimization with vRealize Operations Standard. Improve resource utilization, prevent performance issues, and optimize IT costs.

Rapid Infrastructure Provisioning

Simplify and automate application deployment with vRealize Automation Standard. Streamline self-service provisioning for faster time to value.

Empowering Your IT Team

Cloud Management

Unify the management of your entire cloud infrastructure from a single console. Reduce complexity and improve administrator productivity.

Security and Compliance

Enforce consistent security policies and governance controls across your cloud environment. vCloud Suite Standard ensures compliance with industry regulations.

Developer Agility

Empower developers with self-service provisioning and automated infrastructure deployment. vCloud Suite Standard fosters rapid application development and deployment cycles.

Ideal for Businesses Seeking

Private Cloud Adoption:

 Build a secure and scalable private cloud to optimize resource utilization and application performance.

Improved IT Efficiency: 

Automate routine tasks and gain proactive insights to streamline cloud operations and reduce IT costs.

Increased Developer Productivity:

 Deliver a self-service cloud environment that empowers developers to rapidly provision and manage resources.


What are the licensing options for vCloud Suite Standard? 

vCloud Suite Standard offers various licensing options to suit the size and needs of your organization. Contact a certified VMware reseller to discuss your specific requirements.

 Do I need additional software? 

vCloud Suite Standard requires a minimum number of vSphere and vRealize Suite licenses. A reseller can advise on the optimal combination of licenses for your environment.

What are the differences between Standard and Advanced editions?

vCloud Suite Advanced offers additional features like cost management and IT compliance automation for more comprehensive cloud management capabilities.

Unlock the Power of Cloud

VMware vCloud Suite Standard provides a cost-effective path toward a modern and efficient private cloud. 

Streamline your IT operations, empower developers, and deliver IT services with agility and control. Contact a certified VMware reseller today to learn more and unlock the full potential of your cloud journey.

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