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McAfee LiveSafe:  Your ONE-STOP solution for complete security across all your devices.

  • An intuitive cloud-based safe deposit box personal Locker – allows users to store their most sensitive documents
  • Provides complete, unlimited device security for PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets against the latest viruses, malware, and spam along with a host of other protections
  • Simplified password management securely stores usernames and passwords, and logs in users with one click
  • Protects users’ personal information by allowing them to locate, lock, and wipe devices in the event they are lost or stolen without compromising the privacy of the data
  • Provides users with instant answers to security, cybercrime, and online threat-related questions

Enjoy Limitless Security

  • Unrestricted Device Coverage:

    LiveSafe transcends the boundaries of traditional security software. No matter how many devices you own, LiveSafe seamlessly scales to meet your needs, offering complete peace of mind.

  • Centralized Security Hub:

    Managing security for multiple devices can be a tedious task. LiveSafe simplifies this process with its user-friendly web portal. This centralized hub empowers you to stay informed about potential threats and take immediate action if necessary.

  • Real-Time Threat Detection & Blockage:

    LiveSafe stays vigilant 24/7, constantly scanning your devices for the latest viruses, malware, and other malicious threats. LiveSafe equips you with the confidence to navigate the online world freely, knowing you’re protected by a proactive defense system.

Empowering Features for Enhanced Security

  • Lost Device Recovery (Android):

    Misplaced your Android phone in a hurry? LiveSafe comes to the rescue with its lost device recovery feature. This functionality offers invaluable protection for your confidential information in case your phone falls into the wrong hands.

  • McAfee Personal Locker (Your Digital Vault):

    Imagine a secure online safe deposit box accessible anytime, anywhere. McAfee Personal Locker brings this concept to life. With face or voice recognition technology as an added layer of security, you can access your locker with complete convenience.                                                                                                                                The latest antivirus technology helps you avoid possible fraud, identity theft, and annoying malware and spyware.

  • SafeKey Password Manager (Eliminate Password Hassle):

    Do you struggle to remember complex passwords for countless websites? SafeKey, a powerful feature within LiveSafe, eliminates this frustration. Securely store login credentials for all your favorite sites within SafeKey’s encrypted vault.                                                                                                                                        McAfee LiveSafe goes beyond basic antivirus protection, offering a comprehensive security suite that empowers you to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

          Visit us today and experience the unmatched protection of LiveSafe!

3 reviews for McAfee LiveSafe Secures Anti-Virus

  1. Kim S.

    My renewal of this product went well, thanks to the key code provided immediately after purchase.

  2. Carlo J.

    Good protection for all devices in one license – PCs, laptops, tablets. Very stable. Recomended if you are a gaming person.

  3. Ryan

    This is the second time I’ve purchased McAfee Live Safe. I really like how simple the program is to use, and I’ve had no difficulties with viruses or other concerns. This is a product that I would suggest to everyone.

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