Windows operating systems are available in two (or more) versions, the most common of which are Windows 11 Home Vs Windows 11 Pro. These two versions of Windows exist because they meet the needs of various sorts of users and businesses with distinct feature sets.

The home version is designed for the regular user and provides all of the functionality that a typical Windows user requires. Nevertheless, the Pro edition is designed for corporate or enterprise systems that include capabilities tailored to these sectors’ demands.

If you are looking to upgrade to Windows 11 and are unsure which edition to choose, there are some key differences to consider between Windows 11 Home vs Pro. We checked all of the key features of Windows 11 Home and conducted an in-depth comparison to see whether it is worth upgrading to Windows 11 Pro or not. 

Windows 11 Home Vs Windows 11 Pro features

The feature set is a fundamental distinction between Windows 11 Pro and the Home edition. This is a list of all the features that Windows 11 Home users may miss:

Improved Hardware Expansion

The system requirements for Windows 11 Home vs Pro are the same, however, one of the most noticeable distinctions is that Pro can provide a greater maximum for hardware expansion.

To begin, Windows 11 Home has just one 64-core CPU socket, but Windows 11 Pro has two CPU sockets, each of which may support a 64-core processor.

Windows 11 Pro provides 2 TB of RAM in addition to the processing cores, compared to 128 GB in Windows 11 Home. This hardware limitation is seldom an issue for the common user, but it is greatly welcomed by developers and computer experts who wish to construct a large number of virtual machines with a large amount of RAM.

BitLocker Encryption

BitLocker is one of the most prominent features exclusive to Windows 11 Pro. A comprehensive disk encryption tool capable of encrypting disks and disk volumes with 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption and your computer’s TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip.

If your computer deals with a lot of sensitive data, you can encrypt it and password-protect it on the hard drive. This makes it only possible for people with sufficient authorization to access this data.

Hyper-V Virtualization

If you’re a power user or developer who needs the ability to create multiple virtual machines, Windows 11 Pro may be best for you.

Hyper-V, Microsoft’s built-in hypervisor with Windows 11 Pro preinstalled, makes it easy to create powerful virtual machines for users. It offers much faster speed and reliability than third-party software such as Oracle’s VirtualBox or VMware’s VMware Workstation.

Windows Sandbox

Windows Sandbox, a lightweight extension of Hyper-V virtualization, is another feature limited to Windows 11 Pro. This creates an isolated copy of Windows in the operating system, allowing you to run applications and code that does not affect the actual installation of Windows.

Windows Sandbox is more limited than Hyper-V and can use the current version of Windows 11, but loads much faster.

Windows Sandbox can also be useful if you want to test sketch apps downloaded from the web without risking your system. Additionally, Windows Sandbox resets itself every time you close it and doesn’t keep your files or apps permanently.

Group Policy Editor

Another useful feature for Windows 11 Pro users is the Group Policy Editor. Group Policy Editor is an updated version of Registry Editor that allows you to configure many aspects of computers and networks.

Additionally, system administrators in schools and organizations can use this feature to configure startup programs, set password requirements, or restrict user access to certain operating system components and features.

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 11 Pro, a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)-based feature, allows you to initiate Remote Desktop connections to other Windows 11 Pro and home computers or clients during hosting.

Local Account

First, you must have an active internet connection and a Microsoft account to install Windows 11 Home on your PC and if you’re using Windows 11 Pro, you may create a local account, which allows you to install Windows without an active Internet connection or Microsoft account.

Which Version to Choose Windows 11 Home Vs Windows 11 Pro?

The choice between Windows 11 Home vs Pro is mostly determined by your requirements. If you are a home user or a small company owner, Windows 11 Home will most certainly suffice. Personalization choices, gaming features, and basic security elements are available.

Windows 11 Pro has extra features like BitLocker encryption, which can help protect your data from illegal access. It also contains Remote Desktop, which allows you to access your computer from a distant location, and Hyper-V, which will enable you to run virtual computers on your PC. These features are not available in the Windows 11 Home version.

Whether you are a larger company or a professional, Windows 11 Pro is probably the better alternative. It contains advanced security features, as well as remote management and virtualization.

Furthermore, Windows 11 Pro enables you to join a domain, which is useful for enterprises and organizations that need to manage several PCs on a network. It also supports Group Policy, which allows you to centrally manage and adjust settings for numerous users and machines.

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Overall, Windows 11 Home could be suitable for your needs if you’re a home user or small company owner with simple computing requirements. But, Windows 11 Pro could be a better option for you if you need sophisticated networking, security, and virtualization features. With TresBizz, you can buy with assurance knowing that you’ll receive a genuine product key and top-notch customer service.

FeatureWindows 11 HomeWindows 11 Pro
Set up a local accountNoOnly when set up for work or school
Join Active Directory/Azure ADNoYes
Windows SandboxNoYes
Microsoft Remote DesktopClient onlyYes
Windows HelloYesYes
Device encryptionYesYes
Firewall and network protectionYesYes
Internet protectionYesYes
Parental controls/protectionYesYes
Secure BootYesYes
Windows Defender AntivirusYesYes
BitLocker device encryptionNoYes
Windows Information ProtectionNoYes
Mobile device management (MDM)NoYes
Group PolicyNoYes
Enterprise State Roaming with AzureNoYes
Assigned AccessNoYes
Dynamic ProvisioningNoYes
Windows Update for BusinessNoYes
Kiosk modeNoYes
Maximum RAM128GB2TB
Maximum no. of CPUs12
Maximum no. of CPU cores64128

People Also Ask

Is Windows 11 Pro better than Windows 11 Home?

It depends on your needs. Windows 11 Pro, which is designed for corporate and expert users. Yet, Windows 11 Home is a fantastic option for general computing and home usage, providing a terrific blend of performance, dependability, and simplicity.

Is Windows 11 good?

Definitely, because it is the most latest version of Windows, Windows 11 is the greatest choice for most people. Nevertheless, its increased features come with major limitations that make some upgrades problematic for some users, particularly on older systems.

Can I use the window home for business?

The home edition will serve you well in business, and there is no legal reason why you cannot use it in business. However, Windows 10 Home as the name implies is intended for home users. This includes a single computer, a printer, and non-commercially sensitive data.

Is it worth upgrading to Windows 11 Pro?

Depending on your individual requirements, Windows 11 Pro might provide essential tools and capabilities for small enterprises. If your company needs enhanced security, network administration, or remote access, Windows 11 Pro is probably the superior option.

Is Windows 11 good for corporate use?

Yes, Windows 11 is an outstanding choice for corporate usage, with better security, productivity, and management capabilities geared to business demands.

Why is Windows 11 Pro better for business?

Businesses have experienced a 58% drop in security incidents thanks to Windows 11 Pro’s hardware and software collaboration. With TPM 2.0 silicon-assisted security, users can safeguard their data and identities on hybrid work devices.

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